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Friday, July 12, 2013

Windows 8 Developer Preview Review ...

But, you know, a lot of gossip and imagination terminated and the new Microsoft operating system Windows 8 Developer Preview has the appearance of an open ataghata bedhei. And a few days before the release of Windows 7's relish for properly. In this new release of Windows packaging! Those with the Windows 8 Transformation Pack for Windows 7 rangiye a little taste of milk ghole trying to meet them, for it is asirbadai. From my personal experience I have seen a lot of them are trying to iujarai PC, Windows PC, you can keep ranacana makhiye more attractive. He did not slow the PC and it has been verified!

Over the 5 days of the day on KBPS speed broadband - the hardcore types in the 4 days of the new Windows 8 Developer Preview 3.60 gigara had to download it. Although this trial version, I know how to download and use the new Windows could not cope greed. The user interface is the only thing that we had to see!
Since the two operating systems, XP and Windows 7 was my PC so I know how to set up a new operating system and I wanted karachilana. The temptation to use the new Windows will not load, but a hard disk drive space with Acronis Disk Director is an increase of about 45 giga size. It was my idea to set up a space where there's a better way, but with a new Windows PC to run with other applications, and then set up a benefit had with the Windows 8 Developer Preview. And some pretty good way of processing the new uindojata. So I hope to share with you in the experience. Windows is a new type of light and insisted I start writing reviews.
The installation process: Installing Windows Seven people have experienced some of the new Windows 8 Developer Preview of the installation process will not work. Omi is exactly the same as the installation process of the Windows 8 Developer Preview. The difference is that the light is not to mention that it was. I did not feel the need to say it again. If you do not give up that drives Windows 8 Developer Preview 5 giga minimum note that the drive is in free space. This is because Windows will occupy approximately 17 giga space alone.
Fast impressions: If your computer has more than one operating system, set up after the first of the Windows boot menu when you boot up Windows with all the previous Windows listeda can view. Select your choice from any Windows and can run. Here's a list of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, you'll see the name of the Windows Developer Preview. I did the boot menu, select the Windows Developer Preview.
When ......... Windows 8 Developer Preview will start to see the first of a wallpaper. I find nothing in this oyalapepare receive. Windows then passing it? No tenasana! Actually it to the window, which is hidden to the input side of the back of the house. If you double-click with the mouse or keys oyalapepare - when you press the Enter key on the keyboard like this oyalapeparata top of the screen and you will have to input your password. But to read into the main part of the input.

 User interface: where the main part of the world you have come to the desktop as the screen will start to look like the screenshot below. Microsoft has yetake to Metro Start Screen. And the Metro Start Screen screenshot of the default icons in the Windows 8 Developer Preview of this interface is different than the previous move. I understand much of the newly released Windows 8 Developer Preview Evaluation copy of the full decision, it's a lot of Windows. I am a Windows user interface with a few hours of chatter, but it's the way you parabana mean, it's not until you saw the Windows interface. However, the shape of the large size of the monitor, and the Windows user interface looks really expect to be impressed! Find the house. But to read into the main part of the input. 

Software support: 

I think I still hesitated to say about this isssue Evaluation copy of Windows 8 Developer Preview in not being able to use. However, before writing this review, I've tried to see how little the Windows Software Support Capability.

Then I usually PC application software that is used with the setup I have tried to use. Of these, 95% are satisfyid shoots and I pretty much work! I've noticed that existing portable software that can properly support! Supporting the software in the Windows 8 Developer Preview performance not perfect, but Josh does not like to give away! This is why I said that I, like the time or patience to experiment with all kinds of software was not me. They got us in the software's support of Windows 8 Developer Preview was quite satisfying! 

Appendix A: Evaluation of the Windows 8 Developer Preview Edition mudei yet, so a lot of it is still "bug" remains! It may be that you sometimes get. For example - shutdown or restart the PC hangs down, sometimes it will crash the software. But these beautiful and extremely annoying than being the new Windows user interface ""! you will correctly, it can take up your time!

WINDOWS 8 App store free paid apps download.

Microsoft's new operating system Windows 8. Windows 8 App Store's main attraction. applications great store windows. Free and paid apps in two types. all apps are great. Except the Windows 8 app is fun. Today I'll show you how the Windows Store's apps Free can be used.

Windows 8's Start menu, click on the store.

Download the app of choice.

Please download the file from here.


Extract the file type.

Open the folder. Release the open. Then wscrack_32 (3-bit) or wscrack_64 (64-bit). Then open the installer and click install. Then wscrack_anycpu \ TokensExtractor.exe Open (run as administrator) type.

I downloaded the app and select the Crack It! Click.

Forget your app is full version.

If you have any problems, please Comment here below!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

win8 bleutooth prblem solved

Post for whom?
who surfer Bluetooth problems /  not running on windows 8
Dell or other laptop with Windows 8, the people who run the Bluetooth Broadcom (widcomm) can not find any software on the Bluetooth can not be found for them in spite of Bluetooth

Dell Bluetooth software user can download from here:
http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/index.aspx  If you do not take it off (Windows 7, it will be)

The software I use eksatraka (will not take a lot of time), the software inside the folder in which you have win 32 win 64, win 32 folder on your computer 3-bit and 64-bit, if you win 64 to enter the folder. Inst.exe file to install it. You would run as administrator. If necessary, use the restart.
In the absence of detailed images could not write.

activation keys for windows 8 legal way (not fake) has been linked to win8 serial keys

 How are you all? Hope you are well. I'm good. It was the first time I got Windows 8. We have now most people use Windows 8. I've seen activator e. But I still could not ekatibheta. 95% of people who have activator e use fake. Now the difference between the original activator the fake activator e with We are in the Windows activator e. This is a fake serials your Windows does not actually harm your computer and they can not. It works as a Trojan virus. Egula your Windows activatore  not, just lock and unlock the things that I had to change some Windows files that have been active in Windows. You can see it in the center of the action, will show you that Windows is ekatibheta. You can not update by activator e After the release of Windows 8, the first of which was in the kj product serial keys. This activatore the computer after installing Windows ekatibheta but it would not unlock anything. Then they called charala Fix_p8_25.exe a fix which is unlocked by another version of it that's after they get out of yetaya did not fix it. Who was that this is a complete fakeactivation I come now to the point that chatter. I have the 5 in the original Windows sikhaba be ekatibheta way. Let them (I am number 4, number 1).

win8 download

 4.kms activation process 

By this process, but eventually you will be able to install Windows Genuine activator in just 180 days, ie 6 month, you can activate for Windows. In this way, the Internet will take you to activate. In this way, you must first install the open cmd with admin right and then Enter the code below

slmgr /ipk 3HBY3-3GNXP-22R96-CCMCB-HT67C
slmgr -skms <KMS SERVER>
slmgr.vbs -ato

 The MAK key green component. The MAK key in Microsoft Internet often leak was blocked, but they were blocked up. What's New in MS and this link for server go here:MAK server

 Diameter was 160 days for your Windows activate. If you want to update, and can give. You can see the Action Center, Windows will have activate.

3.activate with SKYPE 

 Skype is still very easy to activate. I've activate with it. And once again,life long activate it is. Many ways to activate with Skype Premium account, but that does not do anything. You can use it with a Normal account. Because of the number of free tool. Open cmd and then write the following code in the admin desk : slmgr /ipk 3HBY3-3GNXP-22R96-CCMCB-HT67C
The MAK key green component. The MAK key in Microsoft Internet often leak was blocked, but they were blocked up. What's New for this link go here: MAk green

Press the Windows + R. Enter the type of slui 4. And press Enter. A new window will open. Select from any one country. America is better to select. Then open your Skype phone at this number +448000188354's number at the desk. You will receive a call. 1 First, you select the home user. Then press #. I get the ID of the next step. If you can not copy and paste. Please type the code pad. Now your code will jenereta. Now I will give you a code. Step 3 Put the code on the ID. Now use Windows 8 for its life. Then if your Windows setup and then use the same key step to keep the ID store. With this code you maka key when you are able to very easily activate. I tell everyone who is at number 3 in this way, it can activate

2.The Microsoft Toolkit 

Microsoft Toolkit is a ekatibhetara, but it is not activator fake. It was number 1 in the number and size of the switch is for. 43 MB in size. Whoa! Whoa! Who is it that is activator. Although it is not a one size that activator. I download it on this link --microsoft tool kitt download
password: tekush

It is very easy to activate wrote not more so than before the installation of the Windows smart screen off and leave it to run as an administrator on leave. If you do not have any problems. On Windows, the screen can be activate smart.

1. keemaesa pikao 

This activator the number at 1 in the first place. 's Times like to see. 1 MB in size. Only by the activator you can make Windows 8 pre installed disk. Only one MB in size. In the following steps, but this activator does not work as it can be right with you, you can activate with serial keys

Download the file http://www1.datafilehost.com/d/29a35116.
The open cmd with admin right and then the following code Say slmgr / ipk NG4HW-VH26C-733KW-K6F98-J8CK4
Here's what the Mac can not be changed.
The Windows smart screen off. (If you want to make Windows 8
preistalled disk, please follow the step 7)
Release v5.1 folder is another folder called up Sign in KMSpico Install.
KMSpico_Install_v5.1.exe install the file. I was able to load a file from your Windows ekatibheta. I see you have your license, your license for 180 days, but fear not!! 180 days to the end of the show itself has become more ekatibheta for 180 days.
They are people who want to make Windows 8 Release v5.1 preistalled disk disk folder is another folder called up Sign in KMSpico OEM.
Inside you will find another folder. The folder on the AIS and remove the burned disc. You are.Many people have expressed dissatisfaction with this ekatibhetara of them because they are smart windows on the screen is not what this product is not installedTowards the end of the course. I'll make it all the way in the fourth and third Activation
activator because they are the means by which you make a fool out of Microsoft in legal way activaton obhabe activator must be good. 

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